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Are we so productive we are expected to be ? Is it a question of employers strategy or is it a question of the nation wide change we are going through. To answer to the latter question: our productivity has been based on manufacturing products and especially to raw material production. However we are going on a change where our productivity should be based more on information retrieval, structuring, development and delivery. Those are the basics for the change of industrial society to the information society. Globalisation, market turbulence, social changes and some others are reshaping our economy and we should focus and motivate ourselves to the those changes. We should be prepared to unwellcome changes, we should develop foreseeing by systemised methods and we should train our organisation to the actions; in practise. We are aiming at the service society but we should not forget and go by the innovation and new competitive methods development areas. Are we able to get necessary and only the necessary information in time and in place we need it. PSD Consulting develop customer oriented methods together with the customer, providing all necessary competence needed in analysing, structuring and practising methods needed to achieve the business objectives.Together with our network we are able also to develope all those necessary tools to implement developed systems in to the ICT -environment.

Example 1

Competitor analyses can be done in several ways: collecting information from news, bying multi-analyses, publicity analyses and so on. Compering those to our own status in business and publicity. - But what are the results,on continuous base.- We should join our organisation, especially customer services, more tightly to the business information monitoring and gathering. Before that we should have prepared themes, structure, objectives and other necessary things analysed to build the basis for the project and to motivate participants. The challenges are in the despearsed organisation with their own methods, systems and tools.

Example 2

To foresee changes timeframe from one to ten years period is based mostly on our (1 to 3 persons in the organisation) existing information and understanding from the environment we are living. In the most simpliest cases it means statistical information from the past and one personīs opinion integrated to the so call vision report. How can we face the changes in the more and more rapidly changing environment when we build our future on the information from the past with one personīs mental and intelligence effort. Second level we are allready integrating so called expert networks to the process, GOood, but still we are making our decisions based on history and hoping it will come true. In that phase we are hopefully analysing information based on several different areas and sources. Finally we realise that the structure is not relevant, the secondary information is not enough. We do need primary information from marketing, sales, R&D programs, members and so on.In that phase we are on the front of weak signals information. To monitor, collect and analyse weak signals and integrate that to the business needs are the finalised results that really deliver business benefits we are hoping coming true in the future.

Example 3

Chaotic internal situation and turbulant external environment have led ICT -systems to the despearsed situation where the systems donīt deliver information so easily we can imagine it should be. New just bought company donīt have the systems we are hoping it should have and the information....How could they use a system like that !! Analyses, conceptualisation and information structure is needed to integrate new and existing systems with integrated business focus. Sometimes the needs are items on inventory or work phase -information, sometimes we need reports from integrated price list and sales analyses or we need customer segmentation delivered to the both systems. Business focus, information input quality and continuous information development should be all the time in the priority level one.

Information products
  • Competitor / Customer profiles and analyses
  • Market analyses
  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer interviews and analyses
  • Organisation analyses
  • Publicity analyses (5 -pack)
  • Follow up -service products
  • Service quality analyses
  • Information system implementation management: ERP, Extranet,BI,...
  • BI starter pack with 3 workshops/meetings
  • Business need analyses & information structure mapping
  • Weak signals -preparing package
  • Information source analyses
  • Internal network development
  • Benchmarking -service
  • Business Intelligence -project
  • Intranet and groupware development
  • Foreseeing development and piloting