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Industy foreseeing case Foresee future - learning and competence Push Name, on the left or ForeC Advisors,
Experience services, workshop Reports from experience services
set of slides from foreseeing development Starting foreseeing project Send request by e-mail, asko.horttanainen(at)
Conclusions of the systemised weak signal concept development Support your business with Systemised weak signals development activities Push Name, on the left or PSD Consulting, asko.horttanainen(at)
NEW, Weak signals predicts the future Foreseeing weak signals systematisation and categorisation. Article in expert Journal 6/2007
Foreseeing telecom number portability changes Weak signals and business development Send request by e-mail, asko.horttanainen(at)
Drugs marketing and R&D integration -case< /td> Weak Signals management and BI -systematisation Send request by e-mail, asko.horttanainen(at)
Brochure and internet ad Experience passport Concept that integrate new services development to the customer quality analyses and marketing
Co-operative network in project environment Concurrent engineering network -99 EU-project
Innovation network development R&D support network in practical implementation pkt-säätiö article
Join foresight and Trend monitoring and analyses !! Trends & foresight blog NEW ! asko.horttanainen(at)
Company / product brochure Comintell -portal Comintell has been succesfull in BI -portal markets, ask more.

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  • PSD written article concerning weak signals systematisation, categorisation and business analyses integration can be found from the table above. How to start structuring and foreseeing, contact: asko.horttanainen(at)
  • Information quality and business decisions ? Have you ever tought about the needs ? WE HAVE. Information process quality is proposed to develop business decisions quality. Weak signals, what are the results. Why are future analysing left out of the continuous business analyses. We have developed a concept and methodology to implement tools for that purposes to you. asko.horttanainen(at)