BI & Weak Signals

Jim Collinsin stated that the basis for the company is build upon two areas ideology (stability) and vision (dynamics). As we know vision is said to be a view or a dream. No one likes to be managed by the views or dreams therefore vision working should be based on business intelligence structuring and methods. The views should be then integrated to the systemised and structured information.

Business Intelligence operation is based information and business relevancy and integration. In every case collecting, structuring and systemising the processes and the methods we have delivered substantial benefits with suprising new opportunities to the organisations.

Business Intelligence (Competitive intelligence) is continuous information process. In most cases persons from different departments see the process differently highlightning their own criteries for the deliveries. One objective for the BI -development is to integrate these different needs together.


Weak Signals

"A weak signal is a factor for change hardly perceptible at present, but which will constitute a strong trend in the future" (Codet 1994).

Weak signal development to a trend or strong signal is a process where information related to the issue can be considered to be so trivial that everyone can apply it. It means that the information has lost most of it´s value as new business developing material or as preventative actions preparing material. Therefore organisations should monitor and collect the information at the earliest possible phase.

PSD Consulting has developed weak signal -analyses based on business understanding, business intelligence and development of weak signal types. Sales and marketing department, technology analysts and innovative companies should find it most valuable in their business. With systematically collected and analysed weak signals you are able to focus to the analysed changes in the environment. Anyway a lot will be happen without any warnings or signals. How to prepare your organisation to the unwellcome changes ? You can now get a copy of WEAK SIGNAL CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT -analysis. Pick up the case here: Weak Signal concept.