ForeC Advisors (former PSD Consulting) is business development and information centric ICT integrator. ForeC Advisors provides project and consultancy services to the organisations who are focusing to increase their efficiency and quality. Companies which develop their foreseeing methods to provide innovative and efficiently produced services and products are able to win the competition. To be competitive and innovative, however, you need customer relationships, effective information practises, organisational activities and systemised information processes.

ForeC offers services in project management, business analyses & reporting and information systematisation development service. Customers are able to change their market actions more freely, actively and efficiently than when developing everything by themselves in their organisation.

In practise we develop customersībusiness by delivering efficient information stucturing and processing solutions to the business needs.
ForeC Advisors.
CEO, Asko Horttanainen
B.Sc.(Machine development), M.Sc.(Industial engineering and management)

27 Years solutions delivery experience where 15 years in ERP and 12 years in Business information & intelligence area.

Positions like: GM, Sales director, Head of consultative sales, Unit manager, KAM, Information services manager, project manager.

Expertise in:-ERP based & supply mgmt, business & sales development.
-Foresight development, weak signals integration to sales and innovation. It is Business information integration and systematisation.
-Specialised in complexed projects with business integration like in cases of designers foresight, change mgmt in strategy and new services development.
-EU/TEKE/ELY funding proposal and strategy development.Horizon2020 proposal experience.

Mobile: +358 400 855657
Contact: Asko Horttanainen or info@forebi.com
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"Over 25 years experience from business management, sales and marketing as well as from new service development areas quarantee project & business management success. Experience from several information, information tool and business integration projects have brought competence that is difficult to verify or gather from other companies. " Experience from internet, ERP and CRM / BI -projects could be intergrated smoothly to the sales executive and project managemet -tools, market and competitor analyses as well as to the price list and work in process analyses. To broaden our delivery and implementation opportunities we are able to integrate several independent partners as a part of the delivery.

We can argue that efficiency is not achieved only by streamlining internal issues and applying external information changes to our decision making process. It is not a technical solution. It is more like a question of business needs, external information, information structuring, process trimming and organisation involvement integration to the organisation's needs and internal information. Doing all that with systemised and described methods.

Some examples:
  1. Operational exellence and sales "toolbox" development for information and consultancy companies.
  2. Company X European sales offices data and system integration planning.
  3. Weak signals and market change analyses(1 year).Process and piloting.
  4. Foresight focus and structure planning & piloting (15 years).
  5. Intranet and extranet integration to the business
  6. SCM and transparency in network oriented business < LI>Customer segmentation and business intelligence tools.
  7. Information architecture planning from business analyses to database structuring
  8. Portal and innovation development project.
  9. ERP-practise in multifactory environment.
  10. EU and Tekes funding proposals development and strategy tuning.