ForeC, Business / foreseeing expertise in information management

Information consultancy
"Business Intelligence activities and foresight in practise."

ForeC Advisors is Customer experience and foresight developing enterprise. Our expertise is in customer business development and project management. ForeC develop information mgmt and business integrated services and business on varied levels.Sometimes it is technology but mostly information, business and process development ramp up. We have developed several companies sales on those areas. Intuitive intelligence based on weak signals is in the core.

Several organisations has been following ForeC Advisors development path. Most of Finnish University of technologies have been followed ForeC and developed their Education Intelligence -programs. Foresight has been copied in several instancies. Companies on the other hand have been interested in customer foresight and market change foreseeing systematisation. ForeC published open source based log files from itīs www-site from years 2003-2013. Read and join us to analyse it

ForeC Advisors developed and managed services internationalisation development project to the leisure and sports segment customer. Totally new services that competitors will follow in the future.

Ask feed back and experience at the moment it is experienced. Use our quality and customer experience on-line system. Smiling face icons are just small bite when it is question of experience and new services. Get weak signals and be intuative.

Bio Proposal got Seal of Excellence certificate. NOW pitching 2,5 Meur fundingForeC Advisors developed customer business plan and proposed bio production system development in Horizon 2020. Go and look Start Uo Ole, Salamanca,Spain .

FIN In Finnish Innovation dev. in FinnishInnovation

Up to date
  • If your company is innovative, aiming to be international succes and focusing on growth, call us.We help you to develop Horizon2020 funding proposal. We help you with new services development, strategy development and management as well as change organisation focus to the future. Looking for Horizon2020 funding you, Go Horizon2020 -site. Finnish companies Tekes / Horizon2020 funding you will find from -site.

  • To be succesfull you... you have to understand business environment foresee changes and activate internal processes, tools and organisations. Have you realise strategy development, do sales see for one day or 6 months. Is your organisation following one wise man advise, or market rumours or even following competitors actions. STOP right now and contact us

  • Customer experience, quality measurement, feedback information. All that from tocuh screen system. ForeC Advisors is representing ImproveIT systems in Finland, Estonia and Russia. Customer experience information is now collected easily, on-line and trustfully by touch screen PC:s, tablet PC:s and mobile phones. Information collection, pre-analyses, information development and integration as well as concept development is key focus area for ForeC Advisor. You are not going to be in foresight development unless you do not get right information and integrate that to your organisation.

  • Develop foreseeing strategy plattform together with strategy work and customer working activities See our article (5/2007) of agility, foresight, information management and weak signal practises published in infomation journal. See the article in Finnish.

  • Blue Ocean Strategy is starting to be a common, day to day, practise in ICT areas.New development directions in strategy and operative activities is changing management in several ways. Are you able to construct systemised and organised foresight plattform. See the slides.

  • Customer experience information easily. Customer feedback and experience collection,development and analyses is now easier than ever before. You will get all from ForeC and itīs partners. Check and contac us.

  • CustoBi and innoBi are unique development toolsets where Business Intelligence with external information is integrated to internal information and organisation activities. Nokia is still growing and targeting new service areas, Kone Oy and others are also succeeding in changing their business. Are you able to monitor your business environment change and doing that in foreseeing. Over 30 university / collage and few government based research centres have monitored and analysed in depth PSD Consulting web-pages to see new in foresight development. Donīt you outsource you business eyes, See Innovation development pages